Frans Schellekens

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Frans Schellekens
Frans Schellekens

Locality: China
Summary: I'm being represented by Getty Images since this month ( April 2010)
Current: Photographer at GPD photographer at Hollandse Hoogte photography agency fotograaf at Frans Schellekens Photography see less...
Past: self employed at Schellekens Photography fotograaf at Adformatie fotograaf 1990-1997 at Nieuwe Revu photographer at Jazz Nu see less... 1 more...
Education:  NHTV Internationale Hogeschool Breda Tourism (1973-1976) I have one of the biggest collections of Jazz Photos in the Netherlands

Industry: Photography
Skills: I have an enormous archive of Jazz photos; lately I've specialised in photos on Cuba, Suriname ,China and mega Operas
Experience: GPD (Media Production industry): Photographer,  (March 2009-Present) Vanaf heden ben ik in China geaccrediteerd als fotograaf voor de GPD
Hollandse Hoogte photography agency (Photography industry): photographer,  (1986-Present) 
Frans Schellekens Photography (Photography industry): fotograaf,  (1984-Present) Still self employed ...
Interests: sex, drugs and Rock&Roll
Interests: consulting offers, new ventures, business deals, getting back in touch

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/ Claas, Frans. / Mulder, Arend. / Reed, Elaine F. (Page S38) 41-OR Takemoto, Steven K ... Schellekens, Jennifer. / Rozemuller, Erik H. / Eric Borst, H P. / Otten, Henny G. / van ...

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