Ei Kei

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Ei Kei

Locality: China
Summary: real estate at Beihai
Current: real astate at chinags
Industry: Real Estate
Experience: chinags (Public Company; Real Estate industry): real astate,   

Interests: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch

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NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute

... expression of news / Duplication expression/Difficult Chinese word expression / Technical terms / Elliptical words/Brand name/Drama and provincialism / Pronunciation of "Ei, Kei ...


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Conversion Tables for Pinyin / Wade-Giles

k'ei kei ken gen k'en ken keng geng k'eng keng ko ge k'o ke kou gou k'ou kou ku gu k'u ku kua gua

Chinese (Mandarin) Romanization Table

k‘ei kei kei kei keir keei key kel kerl keel kell ken ㄎㄣ k‘ên ken ken ken kern keen kenn kel

Pfam: PRC

Database: Pfam Entry: PRC LinkDB: PRC Original site: PRC #=GF ID PRC #=GF AC PF05239.9 #=GF DE PRC-barrel domain #=GF AU Aravind L #=GF SE Aravind L #=GF GA 21.20 21 ...

Pfam: tRNA-synt_1c_C

Database: Pfam Entry: tRNA-synt_1c_C LinkDB: tRNA-synt_1c_C Original site: tRNA-synt_1c_C #=GF ID tRNA-synt_1c_C #=GF AC PF03950.11 #=GF DE tRNA synthetases class I (E and Q ...


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