Takeaki Enomoto

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Takeaki Enomoto

Locality: Japan
Summary: Sales Executive at Exa Corporation
Past: Sales Manager at MSC Software Sales Manager at HP
Education:  Chiba University Mechanical Engineering (1979-1983) 

Industry: Computer Software
Experience: Exa Corporation (Privately Held; Computer Software industry): Sales Executive,  (January 2007-Present) 
MSC Software (Public Company; MSCS; Computer Software industry): Sales Manager,  (October 2003-December 2006) 
HP (Public Company; HPQ; Information Technology and Services industry): Sales Manager,  (November 1990-September 2003)&n...
Interests: reference requests, getting back in touch

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Kawamura, Sumiyoshi | Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical ...

He remained in that position until 1885 except when he was temporarily replaced by Takeaki Enomoto, and during that period he expanded the Satsuma forces in the navy.

Shimizu no Jirocho | Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures

Jirocho treated and buried the dead with sincere condolence and became acquainted with Tetsutaro Yamaoka, Takeaki Enomoto, and others. After the Meiji Restoration, he engaged in ...

Otori, Keisuke | Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures

During the Boshin War, he resisted the new government forces together with Takeaki Enomoto at a fort, Goryokaku in Hakodate, but surrendered and was put into jail.

Kuroda, Kiyotaka | Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical ...

During the Boshin War, he commanded at the Battle of Goryokaku and spared the life of the enemy general Takeaki Enomoto. After the Meiji Restoration, he engaged in the ...

Greetings from the President - IHIMU

Sumitomo's naval shipbuilding division marked its start back in 1897 with the establishment of the Uraga Dockyard by the advocated by Takeaki Enomoto, the Shogunate Warship ...

Otaru Green Hotel [PHOTO/GUEST ROOM]

Takeaki Enomoto: Takeaki Enomoto: USHIO Matsuri ( end of JUL. ) USHIO Matsuri: LONG CHRISTMAS ( NOV.-DEC. ) LONG CHRISTMAS: SNOW LIGHT PATH ( beginning of FEB.

Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee : In the towns

In 1869, Nakajima sacrificed his life fighting for the crumbling Shogunate; but in 1897 a comrade, then Minister of Agriculture and Commerce Takeaki Enomoto, fulfilled a wish he ...

The Century of Emigration

Mexico. The first Japanese emigrants, 34 in all, were sent to Mexico in 1897 as colony managers, led by Takeaki Enomoto. His name left a mark in history as this later came ...

Ocean Policy Research Foundation|Newsletter|2008|No.190

It is often mistakenly believed that the Naval Commander of the Shogunate was either Kaishu Katsu or Takeaki Enomoto. However, just before the collapse of the Shogunate, Katsu was ...

Shingon-Chisan Buddhism Sumidasan Kisshoin Tamon Temple

The face of the monument is inscribed, Bishamonten, one of the seven lucky gods of the Sumida River, by Viscount Takeaki Enomoto, Senior Grade, Second Court Rank.


Land mark on Enomoto army: MAP-1: Takeaki Enomoto joined to Toshizo Hijikata in Sendai who Making a detour to the north in addition to rise and to avoid the combat in Hakodate and ...


Takeaki Enomoto and Toshizo Hijikata fought against Meiji Goverment where the last land of Boshin war. 24hours : Get off at goryokaku-park tram stop,