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Locality: China
Summary: Owner, East China Security Monitor
Current: Owner at East China Security Monitor
Industry: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Experience: East China Security Monitor (Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing industry): Owner,   

Interests: job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch

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MIRUC OPTICAL :: Measure scopes :: Lens barrel optics

Measure scopes Lens barrel optics. This is a microscope optical system. It can be combined ... ZL-1(A) ZL-45 ZL-90; Appearance; Appearance; Appearance

Applied Chemistry

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MOE Contact_Jan issue.8

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Long Image Sequence Motion Analysis Using Polynomial Motion ...

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Analysis and Improvement of Fairness between TCP Reno and ...

We introduce TCPV egas+approach which enhances the congestion control algorithm of TCPV egasin Section 5, and a ZL-RED algorithm which enhances the RED algorithm in Section 6


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HienThy.com - HienThy Company - Hien thy Export rubber

Hienthy,Hienthy.com,Hienthy rubber,Hienthy computer,Hienthy co.,ltd

DXSCAPE Web cluster

[US] [24MHz] 2118Z = 0618JST SFI=83 SSN=50 A=6 K=1 ZL50VK 2050Z 24895.3 no, only a ZL N0RB ZL50VK 2045Z 24895.0 tnx special call AA5AT ZL5OVK ...

DXSCAPE Web cluster

... VP9/WW3S 2115Z 18087.0 Tnx qso WI8R-# CO8LY 2055Z 10106.0 Good CW op KA2EMZ ZL50VK 2050Z 24895.3 no, only a ZL ...