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Radaris' Principles

Please read Radaris' principles which answer many questions about our business model and the benefits that it brings to people - Radaris Principles.

What is Radaris?

Radaris is a people search engine. Through our search bar, you can find information on someone by providing their name or their place of residence.

Where does Radaris get its information from?

We get data from a variety of sources that are already open and available to the public, and we compile it into one place on our website. These sources include, but are not limited to, telephone books, public data feeds, social mediums, telephone companies, and local exchange carriers. With respect to individual privacy, we only compile information that has already been made public.

What are public domain records?

Public-domain records are sources of non-sensitive information provided by individuals to state and federal agencies, post offices, courthouses, telephone companies, social web sites, and other such entities. This information is recorded and maintained in a variety of public-records databases across the U.S., and it is freely accessible to anyone.

Can I remove my information from this site?

Per Radaris' principles, which you can read at the top of this FAQ, Radaris does not remove people's names from our people directory. Public information that we show is compiled from hundreds of databases. We have no control over these external sources and if you want to remove some public records from these sources you will need to contact them directly.

Just like Google, we do temporarily cache some brief and abstract information from publicly available online sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Classmates, Wink, Amazon, USPTO, Flickr, Twitter, MySpace and several other web sites. That information is updated periodically. You can remove some of that information from our pages by using our automatic removal tool. Search for a name and find a relevant name page. The removal tool is located all the way to the right of a name and may also be located further down the page, within a gray header, to the right of the words, "Information related to". It is a symbol that looks like a dark-gray, mechanical gear (Settings). Click on that gear, and click on the word Removal in the drop-down menu. Then, check off any record or item that you would like to be removed and click the yellow box Remove Selected Record(s) at the bottom of the page.

Information that people post and share about each other with the intent to make such information public can only removed by the person who published such information or per court's order.

How current is the data in Radaris search results?

We do not have direct control over the relevance and accuracy of the information, because we are not the primary source who placed the data into public domains. However, we believe that much of the data posted on our site is updated daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly.

How do I find out which sources my information is coming from?

For a complete list of our sources, please click here - list of sources.

Police and certain government officers removal.

If you are a Law Enforcement officer, Judge, DA or any other statutory protected individual, please follow these instructions in order to remove your name from Radaris:

1. Write a letter with your name, any other names or aliases, your current and previous address, your age and a contact e-mail.
2. Take a screen shot of the Radaris web page with URL and demarcate the item that concerns you.
3. Provide a copy of State or Federal Identification Document. This ID must show your full name, address, and a year of birth. You can black out a photo and any other information.
4. If your request removal of information according to court's order, please send us the such court's order.
5. Fax all of these documents to 1-800-861-9713 or email to

How can I cancel my membership?

To cancel a trial or monthly membership at any time, log in to your account and go to the My Purchased Report link. At the top of that screen you will see the Cancel membership link. Once you click on that link, your membership is cancelled immediately. Please retain any invoice numbers associated with purchases that you have made, along with the last 4 digits of the credit or debit card used for purchase, should you need to contact customer service.

Whom can I contact if something isn't working as expected?

We love hearing feedback from our users! Please contact customer service with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.