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Location: Saudi Arabia
Industry: Sports
Current: PA at nill

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FAMIC / Advanced Search

{AAAAA BBBBB CCCCC} Substring matching. The are three types of substring matching searching. Prefix matching AAAAA* (terms which begin with AAAAA) Inside matching

Study of a Method for Evaluating Handling of Bus

00000000 . 00000000. 000 Template for Extended Summary (First Report)* Taro Jidosha 1) Kuruma Sojyuro 2) George W. Bush 3) Key Words: Aaaaa Bbbbb Ccccc, Ddddd Eeeee ...

Printing Zand Object-ZLAT

Schema [declarations] a<b [pred-1] aaaaa<bbbbb [pred-2] This isapara-graph which has the same margins as the standard schemas do. \begin{sidebyside} \begin{schema}{Schema} \comment ...

3.1 A Regular Expression Tutorial

>>> from re_show import re_show >>> s2 = '''aaaaa bbbbb ccccc ... aaa bbb ccc ... aaaaa bbbbbbbbbbbbbb ccccc''' >>> re_show(r'a{5} b{,6} c{4,8}', s2) {aaaaa bbbbb ccccc ...

Chapter 5 -- FuNCtions

firstSub("AAAAA", "BBBBB"); sub firstSub{ local ($firstVar) = $_[0]; my($secondVar) = $_[1]; print("firstSub: firstVar = $firstVar\n ...


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Tree-like Constant Database (tcdb)

("aaaaa", "aaaa") -> "123" ("aaaaa", "bbbbb") -> "456" ("aaaaa", "cccccc") -> "789" ("aaaaa", "dd") -> "000" ("bbbbbb", "aaa") -> "111" ... can be represented as: