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Locality: China
Summary: sang at sangpo
Industry: Airlines/Aviation
Experience: sangpo (Airlines/Aviation industry): sang,   

Interests: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch

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Dynamic Semantics of Cognitive Agent Language

Then the semantics of ' , i.e., relation M;wj = ' is defined as the usual definition by adding the following condition on modal formula: M;wj = R ( ¿ 1;:::;¿ n) , A j = R ( ¿ 1;:::;¿ n ...


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Research Reports on Mathematical and Computing Sciences

The notion "aformula is true at a world w in M ", written by" M, wj = ", is defined byinducionon as follows. M, wj = p () V ( w, p ) =T .


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VIBRANCE M^Wj*W*fWhWZ[* "He'll have to begin travelling in and out of the Middle East again after National Day, " his 15-year-old son Jay chipped in. Asked before the parade if he would ...

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I~1Lj:~ ~ J:v \~ff;~~~<<i::'c' t ~ IWJ~ f;: {'¥S ej:{ri= I~(m=Wj) I~:l$l-m 9='!l!f IR 51];.it lIlT-T ~ 5 8iU 4 % 2009e¥9J] 1513 A. xt*I~ 1. JV,\jJm¥:ffr~ 56.0rrf 2. ~.f'o}Jl[~UT~ 38.5rrf.

for your neighbour lately?

MAY/JUNE 3 MAYOR'S VOICE M^Wj*^Wl[*oek*Zed[* for your neighbour lately? Dear Residents, If you observe nature, you'll notice that many things in nature have a way of finding their own ...

International Response to HIV/AIDS among MSM and TG in Asia and ...

... 56789:1;<7 84 8=>? 8 @A +B67C D @E@ FGHI8 JK67 KL 84 M1N< GOP HI@ 4 QC RSTBK U< P +V WX7 KYZL6[\X7 8]+ G @^_' KI a1M +bc7def]+ g hijklm\B \@ 8 U@]'(nop2@qrK W_MO;<7 C+bc7 @ s tu@]@X-Kv +I [+M wJ?4 x+ y zZ +2{w| 8}7a8\X7 ~WCK Ä ...

JfifI Ji fJ;m-*

A) BJU!n~~~~!WJ$~J" "'JMj, JlIJ:l1lm' IJff,re¥FI'~ B) B JfifI Ji fJ;m-* WJiPilbJ""'Jijj,,~~.iU;f C) Wl~:l1lm' I ~ff loLl:: ~~ ifJ11!~tt O);fi Jf:1if I ~;W;m-~ WJ iP WiJ':J iii, t¥r g[~ ~ OO ...


... m=Wj pp.14-25 1ft' g~~~IiWmA~3!~ft-J;A~&.t=f=tJL\~ f9~ ~~,t 5R,t Jt, * 71<-";f*-,"t 8}]....£ -ift);f"" ~ *" Af>g.. i' ~ ,fr,)f 'f J:f, 'f.~ ~ *" 10* ~.y. ~ l?£ Ji. .

AS 2006 Conference Flyer-AWC

ZAVmze6 Ryn>~by: S 3H61 U^WjmWi Wdj_Y_fWj[ZXoC_j_]hekf\ehj^[MC=[l[dj_d;::<@U^Wji[Ykh_jofh[fWhWj_edim[h[cWZ[\ehj^[[l[dj@IdWZZ_j_ed6 m^Wj Wh[j^[_cfWYjie\j^[WYjkWb[l[dj\eh C_j_]hekf ...

VBA (Visual Basic for

... 5(!$1*X**gD*7,/2***ër*n[*eW**í #5(!$1Q. 7,/2Q E**ëRange("A1").Select **+8 A1*åc**Ñ*í 4.3 ***** <+8}S*åcè Select7,/2*z**ê ìRange("+8}S ").Select <åc****+8}S*Ñ*# 5(!$1*M_**wJ*6930 ...